Die Server



Access for customers:

    • The Websites are accessible unter https://%DomainNamePrimary and https://www.%DomainNamePrimary, both are covered in the certificate.
    • The E-Mail-Webinterface is accessible unter https://webmail.olafkapinski.com.
    • The unencrypted Mailboxes are accessible under a variety of CNames, all pointing back to the hosting Servername:
      • smtp.%DomainNamePrimary
      • imap.%DomainNamePrimary
      • pop3.%DomainNamePrimary
      • mail.%DomainNamePrimary
    • The encrypted Mailboxes are secured by one Certificate per Server (not one per customer). All customers-mailboxes being hosted on one Server, need to be accessed using the Servername:
      • mail.olafkapinski.com
      • IMAP over SSL: 993
      • POP3 over SSL: 995
      • SMTP over SSL: 465


The PLESK-License allows 30 Domains per Server. That leads to a number of hosting Servers, which need to be exposed to the customers, as those are the names of the encrypted mailboxes. It has been decided to use the Gallic names, that should cover the expected demands for 2019:

  1. Asterix.olafkapinski.com (E-Mail = mail.olafkapinski.com)
  2. Idefix.olafkapinski.com
  3. Majestix.olafkapinski.com
  4. Obelix.olafkapinski.com
  5. Miraculix.olafkapinski.com
  6. Methusalix.olafkapinski.com
  7. Troubadix.olafkapinski.com
  8. Verleihnix.olafkapinski.com
  9. zbv: Automatix.olafkapinski.com
  10. maybe: Gutemine.olafkapinski.com
  11. Falbala.olafkapinski.com
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